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My Juice Plus+ Story

Winter, age 11, competing at IronKids, Round Rock TX.

Winter and family competing at IronKids Round Rock, TX racing for Team Winter and prostate cancer awareness

I was first introduced to Juice Plus+ in June 2010 at IronKids Round Rock, Texas. Heather Christiansen, a Juice Plus+ Distributor, had a tent set up next to my Team Winter tent. My mom, being a physician, was always looking for a way to supplement our nutrition but was never a big believer in vitamins. She was intrigued with the whole food nutritional approach that Juice Plus+ offered. Juice Plus+ would not only get macronutrients into her children, but it would also provide them with the thousands of the needed micronutrients that can only be found in fruits and vegetables. My mom had finally found a nutritional product backed by over 20 years of medical research and over 30 published studies. Juice Plus+ is the most researched nutritional product in the world. Twenty-six universities around the world have or are currently researching the health benefits of Juice Plus+ (such as Vanderbilt University, BYU, University of Florida, University of Texas-MD Anderson, Yale University, Georgetown University, Nemours Children’s Clinic, University of California-LA and many more). The studies have revealed that Juice Plus+ :

  • reduces abdominal fat
  • improves recovery from exercise
  • reduces inflammation
  • improves skin health
  • reduces number of sick days
  • improves respiratory system
  • improves cardiovascular function
  • improves gum health
  • improves antioxidant status
  • promotes lean mass
  • reduces body fat

My mom immediately got herself and all of us kids on Juice Plus+. Juice Plus+ has an amazing program that allows children to receive Juice Plus+ for free when an adult is taking Juice Plus+. My brothers and I completed all four years in the Juice Plus+ Children’s Health Study. Even though we are no longer in the study, we continue to have Juice Plus+ as a part of our daily nutrition. The benefits of adding an additional 45 fruits and vegetables to our day has been priceless! These fruits and vegetables have been picked at the peak of freshness and dehydrated into capsules and chewies. High quality nutrition made simple! 

From a very young age, I have pushed my body to great extremes. I was competing in downhill ski racing at five, competitively racing in Olympic distance triathlons at age nine, running full marathons by age 12 and making my mark in obstacle course racing at age 13. I contribute much of my ability to remain injury free during my critical years of growth to my nutrition.

My story has been shared amongst the Juice Plus+ community for the past five years. Juice Plus+ is one of those companies who has been by my side from the very start. They believed in a young eleven year old and her big dreams. The Juice Plus+ team is part of my village of supporters in all my endeavors. I’m proud to not only represent Juice Plus+ now as an athlete but also as an official wellness coordinator for Juice Plus+. Being a Juice Plus+ wellness coordinator allows me the job flexibility I need to be the best elite athlete I can be. At the same time, it still allows me to generate an income and foster my passion to help people live healthier lives!

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